Case Studies

Examples of Chris’ mediation work

Shareholder disagreement

A dispute between  2 director-shareholders arose as a result of actions taken by them contra to a shareholders agreement.  Over the next six months both sides escalated matters to the point that the Company was on the verge of insolvency.  The parties could not agree on the course of action and Chris was asked to assist.  Using his skills as an insolvency practitioner it was clear to that the Company was insolvent and that creditors were at risk.  Talking to both parties it emerged that they both recognised that did not want to harm the creditors but neither trusted the other to deliver a controlled windup.  Chris helped them to find a way forward which allowed for the best outcome for creditors and putting aside their disagreement.

Debt negotiation/time to pay

A substantial debt of £0.5m had built up as a result of cost overruns.  Despite the creditor being kept up to date the parties were struggling to find a way forward.  Chris was instructed to act as mediator and was able to help them both agree a payment plan.

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