Why use me?

Why use Chris as a mediator in insolvency related disputes

Chris has the practical experience of “doing the job”.  Having had to take action against directors himself,  he understands what sort of settlement is realistic both for the insolvency practitioner and for the director.  Defending a claim brought by an insolvency practitioner is often very different from a claim by a commercial company.  The insolvency practitioner is normally emotionaly unattached to the matter, operating under a conditional fee agreement and with costs insurance.  By contrast the matter is often very personal to the director and they have everything at stake.  Understanding how these dynamics work help to bring about a settlement

Chris also understands the claims being brought and the potential problems with them.  Whilst your legal advisors will advise you on the merits of the claim and its defences, Chris has the practical experience of acting as an insolvency practitioner and has in practice had to decide whether or not to accept a settlement proposed by the director.

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